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(Acoustic Music From the South)

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  Notes by Richard Hood, on this new collection of old style tunes, we play six
different kinds of banjos, in a variety of two-finger styles, and three guitars, in
three different styles. The banjos are described in the following explanations,
where "two-finger banjo" denotes an "up-picking" style, generally derivative of
my uncle, Will Keys, from Grey, Tennessee. Tunes most like his style are those
where the thumb and index finger occasionally switch places, the thumb
playing the first string, and the index playing a lower string (see Green
Willows, Honey Pie, Sugar in the Gourd, etc.). Other two-finger tunes are
closer to "double-thumbing' styles found in North Carolina (Closer to the
Mill, Goldsmith Maid). "Drop thumb" banjo is the more familiar clawhammer
style, played with the back of the finger.
Don plays flat-picked rhythm guitar, with some nice, simple, solos on Wreck of the Number Nine. I play finger-style, "separation bass" guitar on Smokey Mountain Rag, and Back Together, and finger-style bottleneck guitar on No Home Blues, and Voice of My Lord.

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Song List/Times

  1. Smokey Mountain Rag 2:00 MP3
  2. Closer to the Mill 2:16
  3. No Home Blues 4:00
  4. Faded Coat of Blue 3:08
  5. Goldsmith Maid and Morgan Rattler 4:00
  6. Sugar in the Gourd 3:36 MP3
  7. Back Together 3:43
  8. O My Little Darlin' 3:00 MP3
  9. Wreck of the Number Nine 3:07
  10. Blackley Creek 1:51
  11. The Voice of My Lord 3:10
  12. Charlie, He's a Good Old Man 2:11
  13. Flower in the Wildwood 2:54
  14. Green Willows 1:44
  15. Honey Pie 2:10

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