Charlotte Clarke

Retired Director of Community Affairs at WHAM 13 formally WOKR 13

"I envision a world where all life is honored and respected...
a world which harmoniously celebrates all of its parts."
"We join together as many diverse expressions of one loving mystery."

December 26, 2004 

Decade Of Diversity
Many Voices, Many Visions premiered on Sunday, January 1, 1994. 
Today marks the completion of ten years of celebrating our community’s 
rich cultural diversity in terms or race, ethnicity, creed, age, gender 
and ability. Today’s show revisits some of the highlights over the years.
MVMV theme performed by various community members in various languages and musical styles!

New 2021 Charlotte Sings !

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WOKR 13 - Rochester, New York

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The National Broadcasters Association
for Community Affairs named WOKR-TV’s
Many Voices, Many Visions

“Best Regularly Scheduled
Community Affairs Program”
Many Voices, Many Visions has won this award four times in six years.

Another Well Deserved Award for The Many Voices Many Visions Show

 WOKR's Many Voices, Many Visions has been
 awarded the Best Community Affairs Program for markets 31+  
by the National Broadcasters Association for Community Affairs. 
 The NBACA 2000 Community Service Awards recognize 
excellence in  public service by radio, TV, 
cable, government and non-profit organizations that
address significant community problems or needs.  
The awards are judged in association with the 
University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Charlotte and friends the night she received the Bahá'i Community Award.
(Yes, thats Charlotte "IN" the Limo!)

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