Dave Kaspersin

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RG&E Files Plan To Hold Customer Rates Steady Through 2002 

I am told Energy East continues to fire RG&E employees every week.

An RG&E employee told me that Energy East just cancelled seven contracts
to install / upgrade substations in the greater Rochester area. 
He told me that these substations were desperately needed,
and that the RG&E had to pay the contractors penalties for cancelling.

One cancelled job was half complete.

You can see the hand writing on the wall, and it is going to get worse, and the RG&E customers are going to suffer. For the past 10 to 20 years the RG&E has not been keeping up with the load growth in their franchise area. (This is probably true of most electric utilities) (In fact they never fully recovered from the "Ice Storm") Fifteen years ago an engineer at the RG&E gave me a list of substations that could no longer maintain load should one of the transformers fail. (Most substations have at least two main transformers) Very little has been done to correct this situation. Problem is that most customers and many repairmen do not recognize a low voltage situation. Case in point. A friend told me his refrigerator was defrosting. He felt the compressor and it was very hot, so he did a voltage check and found the voltage at 95 volts. He unplugged the refrigerator and waited until the voltage went back to normal. His refrigerator was still ok. The next morning he saw two refrigerators at the curb on his street. He told me they might still be ok and if they weren't it was the low voltage that damaged them. This is happening all of the time, and the RG&E will blame it on the ambient temperatures. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT THE TRUTH ! Rolling blackouts, brown outs, and general low voltage situations are costing all of we consumers money. Power companies are not building new electric plants. They are not keeping their transmission and distribution systems up to date. And therefore there are many times when we are not getting the full power we are paying for. I have had low voltage problems at Dynamic Recording for the past ten years. It got so bad last year and again this year that we had to cancel recording sessions. Reason, RG&E has overloaded the substation that feeds us. I have complained to the RG&E every year for the past seven years and filed complaints with the PSC. Dave Kaspersin

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