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Snapshots 1.2

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Snapshots 1.2
- CD (2000) -

The first full album recorded at his famed Red Gate Studio, "Snapshots" showcases Jan Hammer at his very best.  Originally released worldwide, excluding North America, the album yielded three charted European singles, "The Runner", "Eurocops" and "One Way Out" (from Miami Vice).  It also contains the instrumental pop-rock anthem, "Too Much To Lose," (which featured Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, and Ringo Starr in its promotional video). 

"Snapshots" lives up to the stylish grace associated with the finest of Jan's work for movies, television, and radio.  He creates evocative moods and tone-poems that conjure up visions of dramatic land and mindscapes.

"SNAPSHOTS 1.2" contains the original 11 compositions (some re-mixed), plus 2 bonus tracks, "Nova" and the theme from the motion picture "A Modern Affair."

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