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The First Seven Days

The First Seven Days
- CD (2003) -

After years of anticipation Sony has finally released Jan’s classic 1975 album The First Seven Days.  The first album recorded by Jan at his Red Gate Studio, and his personal favorite, this release marks the first time it has ever appeared on CD.

A pioneering effort in every sense, The First Seven Days spans the musical spectrum from rock to electronica, classical to world music, and is regarded by many as the first true “New Age” album. 

This release has been completely digitally remastered and features a 12 page, full color booklet with Jan’s own take on each track, never before seen photos from the era and, of course, the original award winning cover artwork.

- Complete Track Listing -

1. Darkness/Earth in Search of a Sun Click To Hear Soundclip
2. Light/Sun Click To Hear Soundclip
3. Oceans and Continents Click To Hear Soundclip
4. Fourth Day - Plants and Trees Click To Hear Soundclip
5. The Animals Click To Hear Soundclip
6. Sixth Day - The People Click To Hear Soundclip
7. The Seventh Day Click To Hear Soundclip


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