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Karrousel Of Love - Dave

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* The Tempests
** Casper and the Ghosts
Ken (Paul Kenny) Stewart - Lead, Rhythm and Vocals
Jim Herney - Bass and Vocals
Jim Collins - Drums
Dave Casperson - Lead, Rhythm, Vocals
Dave Kaspersin - Lead, Rhythm, Vocals
David West - Lead, Rhythm, Vocals
Lee Tatlock - Lead, Rhythm, Vocals
Barry Clemens - Bass
Bill Foster - Bass
Jerry Brongo - Keys
Al Keltz - Guitar
Chuck Parnell - Bass
Rick (Buddy) Johnson - Drums
Erik Ferreri - Guitar
Mike Marshall - Bass
Ron Wolf - Drums
Nick Russo - Percussion
Tom Gravino - Flute
Cindy Miller - Background Vocals
Phyllis Bishop - Background Vocals
Lauren Suter - Background Vocals
Sharon "Switch" Whaley
- - - 
Clayton P. Turner
Ted Foos
Bill DeRycke
Jackie Kaspersin
Dave Kaspersin

Digital Downloads of Karrousel Of Love are available at:
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Dave Kaspersin: Karrousel of Love - The Album

Rockin' Rochester USA and Lemon Lime on "Karrousel Of Love" are live TKs.
If you are looking for the original
"Lifetime Records" Recording of Rockin' Rochester USA and Lemon Lime
they can be purchased here:

The Tempests: Rockin

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