Date: 9/18/01 9:19:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time 
Hey Kent, 

Here's one of those near-miss stories with a possible lead to suspects - 
On the morning of 9-11, a woman was riding in a gypsy cab heading downtown
to the WTC. (Gypsy cabs are hacks for hire -not a typical yellow cab, 
but usually a town car type vehicle). At around 8:30, the driver, apparently 
a middle eastern type as so many NYC cabbies are, gets a call on radio, 
and after a few words, pulls over abruptly and tells the woman to get out, 
saying, "I cannot drive you to the World Trade Center now." 
No other explanation, although it appears the man was warned 
at the last minute to avoid the WTC. 
Possible link to terrorist network?