Love Setteth the World Aflame

Roya Bauman

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The recording, "Love Setteth the World Aflame", is a collection of songs 
featuring prayers and sacred writings of the Bahá'í Faith. The 26 tracks were 
written by ten Bahá'i composers from three countries. Composers include 
Charles Wolcott, Jean Steed South, David Tovey, Anne Biswell, Van Gilmer, 
Richard Snyder, and Hooper Dunbar.

This musical collection is ideal for 19-Day Feasts, Bahá'í Holy Days, and 
devotional meetings. You will also find it perfect for your own private 
prayer and meditation. It makes a great Ayyam-i-Ha or Naw Ruz gift! The 
featured artist, Roya Bauman, is a Bahá'í currently residing in Maryland, 
USA. She has been a singer for many years and is happy to use her God-given 
gift to bring joy to others. 

The Bahá'í Faith is an independent world religion that teaches the oneness of 
God, the oneness of religions, and the oneness of humanity. For more 
information on this contemporary yet ancient religion, 

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