The Heroes Of 911
Written and performed by
Rabecca Boyko

The Heroes Of 911 (Spoken Intro) Rabecca Boyko     / MP3 Sound Clip

The Heroes Of 911 Rabecca Boyko
    / MP3 Sound Clip

	On September 13, 2001, while trying to comprehend 
the events of 9-11, the music of this song swept through me, 
and the visual images in my mind's eye became clear enough to 
translate into lyrics.  This song is a gift meant to be shared 
with everyone, for it carries with it a timeless message and 
the message is this:

	In the face of a catastrophic event, the strength of 
the Human Spirit, when filled with compassion, rises above 
and beyond even the instinct of self-preservation.  
Through the purist form of Love, the Human Spirit transcends 
into true greatness; this is Heroism.

	There were innumerable acts of heroism surrounding 
the events of 9-11, and every single personal sacrifice 
deserves to be acknowledged.  There can be no un-sung heroes.

	This song is dedicated to the brave men and women 
who demonstrated, with dignity and determination, courage 
and compassion the highest levels of Humanity for the whole 
world to watch.  In the darkest hours, their acts of heroism 
will continue to shine, with a light so bright, and a spirit 
so pure it will not be extinguished.  They are the best of 
the best, and throughout history, for generations to come, 
we will always remember the Heroes of 911.

Rabecca Boyko
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