YEAR 2000 WDYN Radio
Rochester's ONLY Independent Radio Station that plays ONLY Local and Indie Music Every Day.
(Dynamic Dave says "Believe me, this really is a FIRST for Rochester and for most cities)

OK Future Stars LISTEN UP !

So by some very slim chance you got your local FM station to play your CD.
SO WHAT ? Thats right so what ?
Let me guess:
They played it once.
And probably after Midnight on Sunday ?
Right so far ???

Most FM radio stations are only able to broadcast
30 to 40 miles in a circle from their antenna.
One play anywhere (except maybe on Good Morning America)
will result in NO SALES - - - 
In fact in nothing for you at all - - -

And Now comes Dynamic Indie Web Radio.

Coverage: The Whole World AND We play you a lot, yes a whole lot.

The World Wide Web will replace Radio and Television.

Out side of the very obvious reasons
(such as unlimited choice of programming).
If I owned a radio or tv station
with an very expensive transmitter, antenna, property, etc
that eats up electricity like crazzy---
and has a limited transmission range---
and is not good for the ecology---
I would change over to broadcasting on the Web
to the Whole WIDE World
with none of the above limitations and NO FCC or any other countries regulations!

for the first time in history.
Dave Kaspersin 1996
(I waited until the audio quality got good to put WDYN on the air.)
We went "LIVE" September 1, 2000

OK, Picture this.


Fresh out of high school.
My band The Tempests cut our first record, "Rockin' Rochester USA.
Young Dave Kaspersin went to every Radio Station in Rochester 
and got refused at each one.
VERY discouraging!
Some said we weren't good enough, some said what record stores are you in ?
The record stores said "what radio Stations are you being played on ?
You get the picture.
Now all these years later nothing in Rochester radio has changed !
But Web Radio is about to change EVERYTHING !
Stay tuned, we are at the start of a revolution, and I love it.