Kali Ann Poulton

Born- September 20, 1989. MURDERED-May 23, 1994. Age-ONLY Four Years Old!

We all miss you.

Kali Ann Poulton had been missing since May 23, 1994. Her mother Judy Gifford never gave up in her search for her daughter. Sadly, Kali's body was found on August 10th, 1996. She had been the victim of another senseless murder. Our deepest sympathies go out to Kali's parents, Judy Gifford and David Poulton - we are all so sorry. We love you. Dave and Jackie.

Kali's Memorial service was Tuesday August 13th, at the Rochester Convention Center. It was one of the largest turn outs in the history of Rochester.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678
The Monroe County Sheriff's Department (585) 428-5310

Kali by Lou Sweigman.

Sung by Eyes Wide

Four years old
on her tricycle
just a little ride
then she's back inside
O but this time friend
such a different end
Now she's gone, gone, gone!
So we carry on
For love of Kali

We left the porch light on for you
We burned the candles - said the prayers
And hung your picture everywhere
For love of Kali
We clutch our children's hands so tight
We watch them sleeping safe and sound
and feel the tears come streaming down - for love of Kali

Now her memory
Lives in you and me
And we won't forget
She is with us yet
There are gifts that last
As the tears go past
And from up above
Kali we can feel your love
We love you Kali

We'll leave the porch light on for you
We'll leave the porch light on for you
We love you Kali
We love you Kali
We love you Kali

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This is the cover of an album produced by Bill Olsen called "Do you Know Me"
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Jessyca Mullenberg "Someday"
Cora Jones "Cora's Song"
Heidi Seeman "Song For Heidi"
Jacob Wetterling "Jacob's Hope"
Kali ann Poulton"Song For Kali"
Kevin Andrew Collins "Empty Chair" and "Heart In the Distance"
For All Missing Children "Bells of love Ring for You"
For All Missing Children "A Childs Hope"
Amy Breyer "Amy's Song"
For All Missing Children "A Child Loaned"

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Judy Gifford is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met.
Judy, I am glad that I was part of your search for Kali. I really believed that you would find her. And part of me died when we didn't. BUT, I am much more than I was because of you and the beautiful human being that you are. Lets hope that the world will learn and benifit from your struggle.