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St. Pius Tenth Church Sunday Folk Group

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  • 1. The Lordís Prayer (2:12)
  • 2. No Wind at the Window (2:36)
  • 3. I Rejoiced (Psalm 122)
    by Jerome Monachino (3:00)
  • 4. Breath of Heaven (3:54)
  • 5. Holy Is Your Name (5:01)
  • 6. When A Child Is Born (3:48)
  • 7. Holy Baby, Little Savior (2:32)
  • 8. Peace Child (3:29)
  • 9. Rise Up Shepherds (2:14)
  • 10. O Holy Night (3:13)
  • 11. What Child Is This (3:52)
  • 12. Light of the Stable (2:55)
  • 13. Away In A Manger (2:42)
  • 14. The Little Drummer Boy (3:29)
  • 15. Maryís Little Boy Child (3:02)
  • 16. O Holy Night (traditional) (3:42)
  • 17. A Carpenter, A Mother and A King (2:49)
  • 18. Starlight (3:44)
  • 19. Silent Night (3:29)
  • 20. Ave Maria (2:32)
  • 21. A Christmas Gloria (3:11)
  • 22. Night of Silence (4:28)

In loving memory of Julie Robinson,
Rev. Michael McHale, & Ollie McHugh

Total Time 72:00


Steinway Grand Piano  Bill McHugh & Lucyann Ormiston
Six String Guitars  Andy Foote,  Jim OíKeefe,  Joe Schalm,  
Judy Bieck & Ric Letourneau
12 String Guitars  Andy Foote & Lucyann Ormiston
Banjo  Ric Letourneau
Bass  Patrick Ormiston,  Andy Foote
Saxophone  Christina Ormiston
Percussion  Nancy Anselm,  Jan Deans,  Amy Freitas, 
 Joe Schalm
Vocals (in addition to the above)
Aileen Bowers,  Anita Festa,  Donna Stankevich,  Monica Smith
Kathryn OíKeefe,  Becky OíKeefe,  Kristina Schalm,  Susan Vandervoort

Produced by: Andy Foote,  Jim OíKeefe,  Lucyann Ormiston, and Joe Schalm
Cover Artwork by: Lori Foote
Graphics Layout by: Andrew Schalm
Recorded Live by: Chris Brazener, Dynamic Recording Studio, Rochester, NY

Some thoughts on why we picked these songs for this CD. Since we are first and foremost a Church Folk Group, it is only fitting that with this, our first time in a recording studio, we should start with a prayer. In this case we really did, as The Lordís Prayer was actually the first song we recorded, and so we thought it should be our first song on the CD. The words are by God, and the music by us, through Godís grace. We have four songs devoted to, and recognizing Mary as, the Mother of God. First, with the haunting Irish traditional melody of Columcille, No Wind at the Window is a song where we have the annunciation to Mary by the Archangel Gabriel, asking Mary to be the Mother of God, with finally her acceptance. In the song Breath of Heaven, we have a very young Mary wondering aloud what it is that she has just consented to. With the traditional Scottish tune Wild Mountain Thyme as the melody for Holy Is Your Name, Mary is grateful for the chance to be Godís servant. Lastly, Bill McHugh plays the traditional Marian hymn Ave Maria as a piano solo. I Rejoiced (Psalm 122), written by Jerome Monachino, is a psalm we do during Advent. It sets the tone for the season with the yearning for, and the anticipation of, the coming of the Redeemer. Since we recorded Peace Child in March of 1999 during the bombing of Kosovo, the second verse really hit home. How many Christmases have come and gone, through the generations, where there were wars and inhumanity to man? Like another song says, "when will we ever learn"? What Christmas CD would be complete without these traditional favorites from the seventeenth & eighteenth century: O Holy Night; Silent Night (written for guitar, because the organ was broken that Christmas); Away In A Manger; What Child Is This; and Rise Up Shepherds. From our generation we also have The Little Drummer Boy; When A Child Is Born; Maryís Little Boy Child; and a new version of O Holy Night. Some less known songs, but favorites of ours anyway, are from our many years of singing and listening to church hymns. Light of the Stable was originally only two verses, but we liked it so well, we wrote the additional three verses ourselves. Songs some of us have sung since we joined the group, or heard when we were little are A Carpenter, A Mother & A King; Holy Baby, Little Savior; Starlight; A Christmas Gloria and Night of Silence. From anticipation to annunciation, and on to the birth and adoration of the "new born King", we tried on this CD to tell the complete Christmas story. Making this has been a dream come true to us. So as sincerely as George Bailey would say in "Itís A Wonderful Life":

Thank you very much for supporting us. We hope to see you in church.

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