Casper and The Ghosts

Bill Foster, Dave Casperson            Dave, Lee Tatlock                                Dave, Lee        

Dave, Gail Lee

One of New Yorks Best Dancers - Gail


Lynda, Gail


MapleLeaf NY Nite Club

One night at the New York Night Club, Jim Collins had put too much 
Murine eye wash in his eyes and the excess had streamed down his cheeks.
When the Tempests went back on stage under the ultraviolet lights,
Jims face turned green where ever the Murine had stayed.
The following weekend The Tempests became Casper and The Ghosts.

The Ghosts were:
Dave Casperson  Lead, Rhythm and Vocals
Lee Tatlock     Lead, Rhythm and Vocals
Jim Collins     Drums
Barry Clemens   Bass and Vocals
Bill Foster     Bass and Vocals	

Each night the band would paint their faces, arms and hands with the Murine. 
Dave had control of the lights from
a set of foot switches in front of him.
Therefore he could turn the band into Green Ghosts
by shutting off the house lights and activating the ultraviolets.
In other words the Ghosts were "Kiss" long before
they were ever thought of.	

People stood in line at the Club to get in to see
the band that turned GREEN !

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