The making of

Carousel Memories

  1. A Smile Will Go A Long, Long Way 2:09 MP3
  2. The Petite Waltz 1:59
  3. Die Regimentskinder 2:35
  4. With The Wind and Rain In Your Hair 2:09
  5. Nights Of Gladness 3:59
  6. Espanita Waltz 3:20
  7. Three Little Fishes 1:59 MP3
  8. Scatter Brain 2:04
  9. Beer Barrel Polka 3:00
  10. Over The Top 2:22
  11. Royal Trumpeters 3:57 MP3
  12. Say It Again 2:06
  13. Georgia On My mind 1:54
  14. After the Ball 1:58
  15. Unter Dem Siegesbanner 2:31
  16. Just A Gigolo 2:33
  17. The Sidewalks of New York 2:34
  18. Deep Purple 2:15 MP3
  19. Liberty Bell 2:34
  20. Trisch-Trasch 3:00
  21. The Kings Horses and The Kings Men 2:58
  22. Sweet Rosie O' Grady 1:27
  23. The Carousel Waltz (Recorded on Moving Carousel) 3:42
Total Time 60 minutes

The little girl on the horse is Dave Kaspersin's daughter Wendy when she was 7 years old.
The beautiful young lady in the mirror is Wendy today.

More marches, waltzes, and fox trots in this recording of the New Verbeeck Band Organ at Seabreeze Park in Upstate New York. On a hill above scenic Lake Ontario, the music of the band organ can be heard on the breezes drifting over the blue water. Twenty-three tunes bring back the sounds of summer from Seabreeze Park - the whirling carousel and prancing horses spin around to the music of childhood, and this fabulous recording captures the wonderful memories. Grab the popcorn, and come for a ride! This completely digital recording is crystal clear and an oversized insert includes pictures and fond memories of Merrick Price - to whom the album is dedicated. The last song was recorded on the carousel while it was moving - an innovative idea that captures the sensation of really being on the ride is enhanced by wearing headphones. This piece of Americana in music - a must for the audio collector, carousel enthusiast, or fan of mechanical music, is a one-of-a-kind gift item.

Merrick , Allan Mueller and I had spent two days recording the new band organ shortly before Merrick passed away. It was September and it was dark and raining outside for most of both days. When you are recording a Band Organ you can't talk so as each half hour roll played Merrick and I would sit in the red chairs and just listen. Sitting in a dark carousel building, with the rain comeing down out side, recording such beautiful music is an experience that few people can imagine. Both afternoons I noticed Merrick would fall asleep, and shortly after he did so did I. Allan I don't think ever sat down, and stayed right by the Band organ so nothing would go wrong. The rolls on this recording were donated to the park by Matthew Caulfield from the Library of Congress. All four of us really cared about preserving these wonderful rolls and I am glad we will have them for people to enjoy forever.

We tried something new on this recording. The last song on this Album "The Carousel Waltz" was recorded live on the Carousel while it was turning. Terry ran an extension from inside the center of the machine and dropped it over the edge so I would have power while it was turning. I set up my "studio" in one of the Chariots, and placed two microphones on either side of the head of an outside row horse. Merrick would start the Carousel, Allan manned the organ, and I rode the Carousel for the whole time. The effect we achieved makes you feel as if you are rideing on the Carousel, especially if you wear headphones. The Merry Go Round stops with the microphones close to the band Organ. After a short pause (to take on riders) you can hear Merrick ring the bell and we are off for another ride. We actually recorded a half hour of music this way. I was fine until I got off at the end, and then I was so dizzy I couldn't stand. Of course Merrick thought this was quite funny.

Please visit Seabreeze Park and experience this NEW and wonderful Merry Go Round and Band Organ! They are TRULY a Work of Art and a tribute to Mr George Long and his family. Dave Kaspersin June 1st, 1998

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Carousel Memories-New Johnny Verbeeck Band Organ DRK-2196
Album Cover Fox Trots, Waltzes, and Marches
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The Album's Producer Merrick Price

Dave and Merrick

Allan Mueler with the new organ

Have studio will Travel

Merrick, Jackie, Terry, and Jasmine at breakfast.

Matthew Caulfield

Just wanted to tell you all how happy I am with the new cd Carousel Memories DRK-2196.  
I recieved the cd yesterday in the mail and listened to it last night and on my 
way to work today.  I myself a owner of a large band organ built on the 
Wurlitzer 165 scale, truly appreciates hearing a fabulous recording of a band organ.  
When the first song was playing, it sounded as if my band organ was playing right 
in the living room.

Just wanted to thank you again for providing us band organ lovers a fine recording.


Rick McDowell
Liberty, Missouri

Hi Dave & Jackie: For month's I have been wanting to let you know how great the "Carousel Memories" turned out. Everyone who received one from me was very pleased. They all commented favorably on the last selection. Best wishes, Alan Mueler
"Also, I just received a new copy of the Seabreeze Park Verbeeck CD. If you are interested in a total carousel experience and not just an organ recording, this CD is also for you. If you close your eyes during the final song, you would swear you are there riding the thing. Go to: Dave Haibach."
I found Dynamic Recording while I was searching the web for carousel music CDs. I had ordered Carousel Breezes I and II for my sister a few years ago, possibly a musicians mail-order catalog as I recall. I've never tired of listening to the music, and I enjoy antiques and Americana. I played the trumpet in High School band, and I have a good mechanical background and love of mechanisms. You'll have to agree, a carousel is about as unique and beautiful as any of man's creations for expressing our art, ingenuity, imagination, and what's in our hearts. Sincerely, Jack Romano
Dave, Thank you for the Brass Ring. There are many of us who go through this life trying to catch the brass ring. Of all the people I have known, I believe my Uncle Bud caught the brass ring early in life and held onto it until his death. I don't know many people who enjoyed life and other people as much as he did. I still remember my first visit to the park and how he couldn't wait to take me on the Jack Rabbit. When my wife and I brought Aunt Phyllis out to see the new Carousel dedicated, he still had that same twinkle in his eye and couldn't wait to take us down to see the new building and Carousel. The tape and the ring will help keep that memory alive. Thank you Deane Price WindRiver Systems
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