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Phelps Bluegrass Show on the 'Net
By Brian P. Heffron
Times Staff Writer

Looking for some authentic, down-home music like grandma and grandpa used to make?
Well, Don Springer might have just the thing on his Internet radio show, 
"The Bristol Brothers Show."
The show airs twice daily - 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. - on www.wdyn.net 
, the station of Rochester-based Dynamic Independent Radio.
"I'm getting responses from all over the world," Springer said, 
noting that bands in Australia and Ireland - as well as an Irish band in Holland - 
have sent him their compact discs.
Springer, 67, began the show in 2001. He used to have to travel 
an hour to use Dynamic Independent Radio's studio in Rochester, 
but now records in a studio he created in a spare bedroom in his 
Welch Road Home.

Springer's one-hour Internet shows typically focus on a featured band, 
with commentary and some of his own recordings to fill up the time. 
He plays only old time and bluegrass music by independent musicians 
and groups, including Tiny Martin & the Countrysiders, The Golden Eagle String Band, 
The Dady Brothers The Lost Boys, Digger, Kevin Dooley, Stephanie Iverson and 
Fiddlin' Bruce King.
He also includes such history and background as the banjo's origin 
in Africa and arrival in America with slaves.

Springer said he enjoys giving independent musicians world-wide exposure 
and sharing music created out of joy rather than a desire to make money 
with people around the world.
Springer records about three new episodes a week. Because he often reruns 
old shows - he has about 150 archived - he avoids talking about news or weather.
A Geneva native, Springer has been involved with broadcasting for many years. 
He served 13 years in the Navy as a radio operator, leaving in 1967 as a
chief petty officer and going to work for WOKR Channel 13 in Rochester 
as a master control operator, He also worked 15 years at WROC Channel 8 
in the same position and as a technical director.

Springer said he has enjoyed bluegrass music all his life, adding 
that his grandparents and other family members used to play at family gatherings. 
While Working at WROC, Springer's interest grew, and he and some friends 
formed a band that eventually became a full-time job for them. 
Bristol Mountain Bluegrass performed for many years, releasing four albums 
and taking their old Greyhound bus as far south as Nashville and 
as far west as Chicago.
In 1995, Springer reunited with the band's banjo player, Richard Hood, 
to form The Bristol Brothers, which was named best new bluegrass duo 
that year by Country Beat magazine. Although arthritis has forced Springer 
to give up the rapidly plucking banjo, the strumming of a guitar 
still makes him smile.
"I have no intention of stopping music," he said Wednesday from 
Martin Music on Castle Street in Geneva, where he clerks several 
times a week and sometimes jams with friends or customers.
"It's fun and lively music in most cases," said Springer, who challenges 
people to listen to bluegrass music without tapping their feet.
Anyone interested in contacting Dynamic Independent Radio can visit 
or call (585) 621-6270. 
Springer can be reached at bristbro@lynnet.com.