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In the greater Rochester, NY, area at over 150 locations including:

Romeos (1.5)
2500 Ridgeway Ave, Rochester
Domms Bowl (2.5)
640 W. Ridge Road, Rochester
Barnard Crossing (2.7)
2435 Dewey Ave., Rochester
Hookah 2 (2.8)
452 Ridge Rd W, Rochester
California Brew Haus (2.9)
402 Ridge Road West, Rochester
tucci's (3.4)
1479 Lyell Ave, Rochester
Ave Pub (4.0)
1160 Jay St., Rochester
Infield (4.1)
1370 Buffalo Rd, Rochester
More AMI Locations in the greater Rochester area

Dynamic Indie Artists on the AMI Network include:

Alfred St. John's Trinadad and Tobago Steel Band,       
Wayra, World Beat, Jerry Brongo, Gerry Elliott, 
The Bristol Brothers, Peg Dolan, Juke Box Cd Special,
Jeff Elliott, PJ Elliott, Dave Kaspersin, The Tempests,
Casper and the Ghosts, World Beat, Caribbean Christmas Carnival,
Song For Karen by Richard Newbegin and Only Americans by Bonnie Abrams, 
(Both songs were written for Karen Lee Hunt and all 269 victums 
of the Pan Am Flight 103 terrorist bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland 
on December 21, 1888)
Whirling Melodies (Carousel Band Organ), 
Carousel Breezes vol 1 and 2 (Carousel Band Organ),
Karen Entz (Heart Of Glass),
Kristen Shiner McGuire - Kristen Sings, and Plays and Rings,
My Name is Jonah or "Have Harp Will Travel"
Cindy Miller, Lex Byers, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Jaime Rodriguez, 
Tramper's Dynamic Christmas (47 Christmas Songs / All Rochester Artists)
Including: Al Keltz, Bonnie Abrams, Peg Dolan, Kristine Seewagen,
Paulsen, Baker, Garvey & Keltz, Carol Mulligan, The Coupe DeVilles,
Allen Hopkins, The Dady Brothers, Tom Gravino, 
Linda Rutherford and Celtic Fire, Joan Burton, Pink Dakota, 
Torch X 2, North Forty, Lee Vaccaro, Coyote Collins, Blue Delta,
Dita Monique,

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From Rockin' Rochester, NY USA

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