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Songs from The Eye of the Storm

Torch x 2

Marilyn Sydlo on flute with Keith Impelletier on guitar and grand piano perform original instrumentals that bring our frantic lives skidding to a halt. We MUST listen. These melodies are simple and complex; they whisper and sing, lead us among the gentle brook or let us take wing over mountains. Original arrangements of Autumn Leaves and Somewhere Over The Rainbow bring new depth to these favorites. Romantic and haunting, Songs From The Eye Of The Storm combines the best of these two artists in a unique partnership.

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Torch x 2 - are we by the fire, or are we the flames?

Every moment carries a certain kind of chaos within itself.

Like a wild seed blown in the wind;
a throw of the dice,
old newspapers littering alleyways,
shadows around corners.

You can spend your life trying to escape these little fates.

Some try a leap of faith.

But all I do, is sit by this brook,
and listen to these songs from the eye of the storm.

Song List/Times

  • Recognition of Freedom: Witness, Solo Flight of the Hawk, Final Attainment 7:09
  • Mirage After Mirage 5:23
  • Lori 3:03
  • The Gift: Following The Coral Trail, The Magic of the Tidepools
    (Universes within Universes), The View from Here
  • Autumn Leaves 4:41
  • Equipoise 2:37
  • My Favorite Creature of the Night the Moment Before Dawn 5:43
  • Somewhere, Over The Rainbow 5:52 MP3

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