We do cd, cassette and video duplication in any quantity from 1 to 1000 plus! 

 We can transfer any medium to any medium (vinyl, cassette tapes, reel to reel tapes, Beta, DAT,
even wire recordings) 
 We book and promote musicians through our Dynamic Productions Agency. 
 Dynamic Productions 
 We sell artists' CDs in our music store at 
 2844 Dewey Ave. and on-line in the Dynamic Music Store. 
 Dynamic Music Store
 We also promote artists on our radio station WDYN. 
 using Live365 and Real Audio Streaming 
 and on FM radio at 100.1 
 We offer great deals on cd manufacturing 
 including graphic design and UPC bar codes. 
 Get Your CD's here ! 
 We sell Whirlwind Cables and US Audio products on-line at First Audio USA. 
 First Audio USA  
 We also do web design and provide hosting 
 and anything needed for web sites including 
 Real Audio/Video, MP3, Wave and Flash Animation, and we can put you up on uTube too. 
 Dynamic Web Pages

Click here for our rates for large quantities of CD'S and Cassettes. Click Here For A Gift Certificate For Your Favorite Musician.

2844-46 Dewey Avenue
Rochester, NY 14616
(585) 621-6270
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