All songs tracked, engineered and mixed by
Aaron Ripley, Dynamic Recording, Rochester, NY.
Mr. Gordon's trombone leads and solos engineered by
Ray Cordello, Dynamic Recording, Rochester, NY.

All tracks mastered by Nathan James at 
Jigsaw Sound
100 Greene Street, Suite 404
New York, NY 10012

Thanks to the great musicians that helped me make this album:
Nick Murray, Johnny Vivani, Jerome Flood Jr., Vincent Tyson,
Wycliffe Gordon, Marvin Williams, "Beeno", Denise Reese,
Danielle Ponder, Shawanda, Marianne E. Williams and Chris
Lofton. Thank God for all of your talents. 

Wycliffe Gordon appears Courtesy Bluesback Records
Contact Wycliffe Gordon at , and 
Coupe de Cone Music, Inc., New York, NY

This album is dedicated to my children Jacquin, James III,
Ariana and Shataryn - I love them so much. Thank you God for giving them to me.

Special Thanks to those people in my inner circle: 
The Highsmith Family, Wendy, Tyler Owens, Uncle Bill,
Wycliffle Gordon, Troy, Sonya, your lovely daughters, and
lastly, the folks from "The Good OLE McGuire Gospel Choir" 
- Sharon, Sam, Angie (Cecile) Axle, Wilber and Lee. You
guys are my friends for life.... Thanks to Radio Station 103.9 WDKX,
105.9 WJZR, 90.1/105/1 WGMC and Dynamic Dave at WDYN.NET Radio.

Very Special thanks to my friend Greg Bell and his lovely wife Dianna.
Thanks for all your love, the support of all my efforts and Jazz here in
Rochester. Be sure to check out Greg's Blog/Online Magazine Jazz
and visit .

CD Design and concept by Jimmie Highsmith Jr. 
CD Cover Photography by Mike Shaw and Quikpix Photography
(585)546-3068. Inner Jacket Photography shot by Anthony Simmons
(585)530-9990. Cover model is Tyshey Taylor.

   2007 Variance Records All Rights Reserved

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