Drive Me The Funk Home - Jimmie Highsmith Jr.

All Songs Recorded Live at various concerts including The Record Archive 
and The Merchants Grill. Tracked Live by Matt Klock and River Bottom Sound. 
Album mixed by Jimmie Highsmith Jr., and Matt Klock at River Bottom Sound.
CD Design:Jimmie Highsmith, Jr. Photography by Russ Pizzo, Anthony Simmons.

All Tracks Mastered by Nathan James at The Vault Mastering, New York 
        (212) 965-0100 

Thanks to The Merchants Grill and The Record Archive, Dave and Jackie at 
Dynamic Recording Studios, the Highsmith Family, Mercedes and Tony, Wendy 
and Andre, Tyler Owens, Uncle Bill. Thanks to Radio Stations 103.9 WDKX,
105.9 WJZR, 90.1/105.1 WGMC, and Dynamic Dave at WDYN.NET Radio. 

 Thanks to: Drs. Warren and Perdita Meeks and the whole family of New Born 
Christian Fellowship for your all support. Also my Buddhist Brothers and Sisters 
in the SGI Family here and around the world Nam Myoho Renge Kyo 3x   My
many musical brothers: Zedric Teague, Paul Boutte, Wycliffe Gordon, Will Holton, 
Najee, Joseph Wooten, Everett Harp, Ryan Kilgore, Art Beaty, Marvin Williams, 
Tony Hiler, John Viviani and all the others that have supported me through
the years. Special shout out to the fellas of the Saturday Morning Breakfast club: 
Dom Barber, Billy and Bobby Keller, Dan and Doug Z and Richard Linhart.
Really enjoy our fellowship, thanks for your friendship and support.

Extra Special Thanks to the great musicians on this album: Nick Murray and 
Devon Tramell. Thank God for all of your Talents. 
Very Special Thanks to my friend Greg Bell and his lovely wife Dianna - for all 
your love, the support of all my efforts and Jazz here in Rochester. Check out 
Greg’s Blog/Online Magazine Jazz@Rochester and

Most Importantly Thank You!!!! 
Without your support I don’t know what I would be doing…