A Project of Healing Art Missions


1.Ale ("Go Thou")-(Garland,trans. & arr. N. Dieudonne) MP3

2.Au Nou Mache Nan Route Syle La ("We are Marching to "Heaven")-(Franco Henry/Luckner Jure Auguste)

3.Je Veux le Louer ("I Want to Praise Him")-(Franco Henry/Luckner Jure Auguste)

4.Jesus-Christ est ma Sagesse ("Jesus Christ is My Wisdom")-(trans. & arr. N. Dieudonne)

5.Mache ("Get Going")-P.D.

6.Pi Gran Pase Tout Problem-(trans. & arr. N. Dieudonne) MP3

7.Rele Jezu ("Call On Jesus")-(Franco Henry/Charles Wilfrid)

8.Chante Fe Nou Kontan ("Singing Makes Us Happy")-(trans. & arr. N. Dieudonne)

9.Jezu Se Wa ("Jesus Is King")-(trans. & arr. N. Dieudonne)

10.Mwen Kwe Nan Seye Ya ("My Faith SHows Who Rules")-Franco Henry/Luckner Jure Auguste)

11.Nou Pral Nan Syel La ("Marching to Zion")-(trans. & arr. N. Dieudonne)

12.Sa Grace est Suffisante Pour Moi ("His Grace Is Enough For Me")-(trans. & arr. N. Dieudonne) MP3

13.Konveti ("Convert!")-(Franco Henry/Luckner Jure Auguste)



Bethel Church Choir of Dumay-1,6,8

Bethel Church choir of Crois-des-Bouquets-4,9,11,12

Young Women's Group, Dumay-5

Flambeau d'Art Celeste-2,3,7,10,13


Pastor Dieudonne

Pastor Dieundonne has dedicated his life to the welfare of Haiti, and particularly to the development of his native village of Dumay. He has brought numerous foreigners to Haiti as consultants and co-workers in educational, medical, nutritional, and clean water projects, and it is thanks to him that the people of Dumay have better, food, water, and medicine than most of the residents of Haiti. He has served as a liaison for the development of other significant projects in far-flung parts of the island. Meanwhile, too, he has brought his considerable musical talents to bear on his spritual vocation. He has developed choirs and vocal groups in both Dumay and Crois-des-Bouquets, and he has inspired his singers in his arrangements and his teaching.

Chante fe nou kontan
Choral Music of Haiti


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