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Stop the Madness! sung by The New Exciting Whirlwinds, written by Lou Sweigman
A very powerful song about violence in our streets.

Many Voices Many Visions, sung by Bonnie Abrams with Allen Hopkins, written by Charlotte Clarke, star of the Many Voices Many Visions show seen on WOKR Channel 13 every Sunday morning at 9.
A beautiful song that you can adapt your own voice to, and your own vision of how we can all live together. In this version Bonnie even sings in Yiddish.

Many Voices Many Visions, sung by The New Exciting Whirlwinds, written by Charlotte Clarke
A great rendition of the above song, sung in the Gospel style, as only the Whirlwinds can do it.

Many Voices Many Visions, sung by Rose Russo, written by Charlotte Clarke
Performed in a modern folk style.

About Being Free, sung by Bonnie Abrams, written by Bonnie Abrams
Written by Bonnie for Paulius Klimus, an Lithiuanian-American activist from Rochester NY who walked across three Baltic States (Lithuania, Estonia, and Lativa) to protest the Soviet Unions occupation of his homeland, Lithuania. This song was played on "Radio Free Europe." From Bonnie's album "Wine, Woman, and Song"
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Only Americans! sung byBonnie Abrams, written by Bonnie Abrams
Bonnie wrote this song after she read an article by Robert Hunt, father of Karen Hunt who was murdered along with everyone on Pan Am Flight 103 when it went down over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1990. The perpetrators of this terrible atrocity have NOT been brought to justice! From Bonnie's album "Wine, Woman, and Song"

The Legacy, sung by Bonnie Abrams, written by Bonnie Abrams, Kaddish read by Rabbi Shamai Kanter.
A sad, yet powerful song written by Bonnie about her Jewish heritage and the Holocaust. From Bonnie's album "Wine, Woman, and Song

Have You seen Kali? sung by Chris Wilson and Dan Leverenz, written by Lou Sweigman. Keyboards and arrangement by Jerry Brongo.
Kali Ann Poulton was abducted on May 23, 1994 from her home in E. Rochester NY. Kali's mom, Judy Poulton, had told us that if Kali heard or saw something about herself , she would know that she was still being looked for. Therefore this song was sent out to 1000 major radio stations, and it was able to be downloaded from Kali's site on the web. Sadly, Kali's body was found on August 10th, 1996. She had been the victim of another senseless murder.

Steph's Song, sung by Ernest "Teddy" Givens, written by Ernest Givens. Keyboards by James Whitthorne and arrangement by James Whitthorne.
Teddy wrote this song for his 12 year old cousin Stephne Givens who was murdered by another young girl while on her way to school here in Rochester NY in 1995.

Fight Back! sung by Gary Vincelli, written by Gary Vincelli
Even though Gary started writing this song two years ago, he just finished it and it really paints a picture about the condition of things today.

Innocent Children sung by Nancy Baush, written by Nancy Baush
This is a wonderful song about innocent children who have gotten AIDS through no fault of their own.

There is an ALBUM'S worth of wonderful music on this page that your organization can have FREE, and use to help inspire the people of our poor messed up world!
Dave Kaspersin, producer of all of the above)

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