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Roisin Dubh
the emigrants
(GREAT Irish Music)

Album Cover

Vocals and Instrumentals
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From the lilting sing-a-long "Jolly Beggar" to the hauntingly mournful "Innisthiar", Roisin Dubh (Dark Rosaleen), The Emigrants' first CD release, is a full, fine blend of Celtic tradition amid contemporary arrangements.

As explained in the liner notes, the title cut (one of three instrumentals on the album) is the air to an ancient Gaelic song born of the stormy history of the beautiful island that is Ireland. Two selections are medleys of traditional dance music, and the remaining tunes include songs of love, freedom, and humor - compelling and passionate interpretations, all punctuated with wonderfully harmonizing vocals. And the fiddle, bodhran, uileann pipes, mandolin, banjo, flute, whistles, guitar, harmonica, and keyboards that are so finely displayed on Roisin Dubh bring us the very soul of Ireland.

The Emigrants are Steve Buckner, Brian Clancy, Bill Fleming, and Martin Whelan. Well known in Upstate New York (where they've been entertaining appreciative audiences in pubs, clubs, concerts, and festivals for over two decades), each of these accomplished musicians brings an obvious love of Irish music to every lively performance.

The Emigrants are regular entertainers at The Shannon Pub (in Rochester and Buffalo), and The Irish Center in Buffalo.

Song List/Times

  1. Jolly Begger 2:57
  2. Curragh of Kildare/Innisthiar 5:02
  3. Little Bridget Flynn 3:10
  4. Off to California/Harvest Home 3:08
  5. Buachaill on Eirne 3:17
  6. Rare Ould Time/Town I Loved So Well 6:36 MP3
  7. Sallyo 2:36
  8. Roisin Dubh 4:29 MP3
  9. Ringsend Rose 2:57
  10. Cuaichin Ghleann Neifin 2:51
  11. Liverpool Lou 2:57
  12. Louse House of Kilkenny 2:46
  13. Wind that Shakes the Barley/Miss McCloud's/Merry Blacksmith 2:50
  14. Lizzy Lindsey 3:09
  15. As I Roved Out 4:40

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