The Way of Creation

Betsy Bevan

The Way of Creation - Betsy Bevan
        I offer my music into the world with 
immense gratitude for the people in my
life who have believed in the potential of the 
human spirit. It is with great appreciation that 
I share my music with you; my mentors, friends,
colleagues, healers, writers, musicians, students, 
and family who have shown me so much, helping me
 along the path. To people I have not yet met, may it
be an affirmation for your own creative spirit. 
This project is in honor of the life-flow that is ever 
present to be listened to and learned from when
we step aside and allow it to speak.
                                        Betsy Bevan

        “There is a place inside each of us where perfection exists. 
The genius, God, lives there. All the creative possibilities of the 
universe are to be found there. It is the inate ability of each of us 
to be {a Supreme Being}, to behave with extreme dignity, 
to conduct our business in a righteous manner, and to channel 
an endless stream of life-enhancing ideas and celebratory sounds
for the upliftment of {ourselves and} mankind. This
joyful noise is the sound of the {life-force} manifesting through us.
 If we surrender our desires, we will hear it.”

All music composed and improvised by Betsy Bevan,
except “On the River” and “2 woman drumming”, improvised by 
Mary Knysh and Betsy Bevan. “Haiku” improvised by 
Sera Smolen and Betsy Bevan.

Song List/Times

1. Heartline 3:53 MP3 Heartline was inspired by a dream where my real-life mentor, cellist-improvisor extraordinaire, David Darling, appeared and gave me a subtle and profound lesson. The message was for me to be more present and expressive with every single note played and with every single word spoken into the world. From that dream I wrote “Heartline” which is dedicated to David in gratitude for all that he has taught me, in and out of dreams. 2. One Truth 3. On the River (improvisation) flute: Mary Knysh piano: Betsy Bevan 4. The Tree of Time This piece is accompanied by a tree painting made at the same time as I was composing the music. The tree is of emerald green, indigo blue, and yellow ochra-brown and holds a woman upside down in its trunk, ancient and alive. 5. Refugee Rhythm (improvisation on a rhythm) 6. Benediction & Prayer My grandfather was a minister since the age of twelve. My mother directed our church choir thoughout my youth. Among the first pieces I wrote as an adolescent were Benedictions and Prayers that the choir sang in church. The Prayer was written in a time of need for forgiveness. It is intended as a universal prayer to be received as pure sound. 7. 2 woman drumming (improvisation) frame drum: Mary Knysh dumbek: Betsy Bevan 8. Meadow Grassland Linwood Meadow Raingrass Grandland Scottish Highland Bagpipes: Peter Watson For three years I lived on the Gratwick Estate, known as “Linwood”, in upstate New York. Linwood is a beautiful three hundred acre rolling land with a healing energy to it. The estate includes old stone gardens, sculptures, a stone pool, a vast panorama of the Genesee Valley and is known world-wide for producing exotic tree peonies. In the past, many artists, musicians, and photographers have visited and been inspired by the depth of beauty at Linwood. It was very healing for me to be there and as I composed, looking out into the meadow of tall grass, bent trees, and great sky, I connected to my ancestors’ land of not so long ago in Scotland and Wales. 9. Considerable Song of a Wave I often wake up in the morning with full color images. One morning I awoke with the words, “Considerable Song of a Wave” which inspired the writing of this piece. 10. Haiku (improvisation) cello: Sera Smolen piano: Betsy Bevan 11. Summersong 12. Heartline 3:53 MP3 Jambalé: Celebration Song vocals, piano, shaker: Betsy Bevan Playing the African djembé for the last few years, I fell in love with the language of the drums and the choral harmonies of African music. This song is a celebration of life and uses a sound-word as its title and text. I hope you will join in with your voice, shaker, drum, or dance in celebration of yourself and for all of life! Special gratitude to the Music for People organization and David Darling for their support and guidance. Lots of heartfelt thanks to Mary Knysh, Sera Smolen, Peter Watson, Jane Buttars, Barry Goldstein, Gary Skinner, and Dynamic Recording Studio: Chris Brazener and Jackie Kaspersin for their contribution to this project, to Carol Gordon, Judy Binder, Barbara Erbland, JoAnn Alibrandi, Carolee Powers, and Emily Metcalf for their friendship and support.

The Way of Creation
Betsy Bevan

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